Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day

I went to get my lovely bride a Valentine's gift last night at the last minute and it was sad to see the Valentines Day gift display ransacked.The racks were empty except for some very sad bent cardboard heart shaped candy boxes, the kind of chocolates that have only one or two good chocolates and then a whole bunch of chocolates with weird stuff inside them that no one eats.

It was sad and then I thought, well there must be alot of people who love alot of other people and that is why there was nothing there.It could also be that there was nothing left because people feel obligated to buy "stuff" on this arbitrary day that we MUST share gifts and cards. I have mixed feelings about Valentines Day. It is kind of stupid. I love my wife and my family everyday. I find it weird that there is a day that I am told I have to show my love by buying stuff. I try to show my love everyday and I know that is not possible to do. There are days that my wife,Maureen, would rather kill me than say she loves me and the other way around. I think that is why we have laws against killing each other.

It is also an opportunity to show love to other people that may need that gesture on that very day. Maureen always bring flowers to the widow down the street. We do not really talk to her very much, but Maureen has a conviction in her heart to stop by on a day that may feel very lonely to our neighbor and I am sure she feels special that someone is thinking about her.

I am so blessed to have a loving wife, the best"children"(they are all now adults) a man could have. I have no money, but I am "rich" with love.

P.S. I still bought her something!

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