Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rachel Kuhn's 20th Birthday

Well it was Rachel Kuhn's 20Th Birthday yesterday! My daughter,Rachel, has been good friends with Rachel for many of those 20 years and I can not believe how fast the years have gone. I wish I could be 20 again or at least remember being 20.

I went to Pick Up Sticks to get lunch yesterday and as I turned away from the counter, Rachel ,my Rachel and Bri were behind me in line. I got to have lunch with them and it was a treat for me. These are special and beautiful women in every way and I am better for knowing them.

I told Rachel Kuhn that I would draw a birthday card for her, but I got busy and did not get a chance . So Happy Belated Birthday to Rachel.

Love from the Pockett Family.

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  1. oh my gosh dave you're hilarious and amazing!! i love your drawings! i just spent the last...ten minutes reading your stuff and laughing and "awe"ing...nice. remember the site i thought you'd like? here it is:
    if you don't enjoy it...sorry. :)