Sunday, February 14, 2010

This is me

I was doing some sketches from memories from my youth.

I used to have to buy my clothes at Sear's "boy's husky" line. They were sold at Sears at the rear of the boy's department, past the Boy Scout outfits, next to the restrooms. They were made from, I believe, the indestructible material they use for the sails on sailboats. They would not bend and they had "knee patches" sewn into the pants. I am not sure what was up with that but it did mess with my mind in my formative years.

I also wore tshirts in the pool because I mistakenly thought it would make me look thinner and hide my substantial man-breasts- the plan was flawed.

I also spent one semester in the marching band in Junior High. We wore white berets, white belts, powder blue pants(see "boy's husky") and white turtlenecks and yet I was never beaten up.I did however realize that if I ever wanted to kiss a girl, my tenure in the moving musical arts must end there and then- I was at a substantial disadvantage even without the association of a marching band.

Let's just say, I have spent many years trying to forget my formative years.

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