Saturday, February 6, 2010

Old Cars

I love cars from the sixties. I also love old Volkswagen's. I have owned some old cars. They look cool and are dangerous to drive at the same time and that makes them cool in my opinion.

I just recently sold my old Jaguar and I do miss it even though I did not drive it that much in the last few years.

I did have a 1964 Volkswagen Van that I loved way too much.It was rusty and when you drove it and looked down you could see the road through some size able gaps in the floor pan. Sometimes the key would fall out of the ignition but the car would not turn off. It leaked and it smelled like a combination of oil and gas and I think the stuffing in the seats, old Volkswagen enthusiast's will know the smell I am talking about.

It was not worth very much, but I could not tell you how many times people would come up to me to check out my van and tell me they had one and the stories of their van or bug and then walk back over to their Porsche or Mercedes or Ferrari with sadness in their eyes.

I eventually had it restored and then someone stole it from in front of my house. I was a victim of a hate crime- I hated that someone stole my van.That was probably ten years ago. If anyone sees my van, send it back to me. It was green and white with green and white interior, green seats with white piping and a hula girl on the dashboard.

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