Saturday, April 3, 2010

Rachel in the care of the Lescanos

Alex and Jenny are here and they thought it would be fun to go up to Camp. Adam and Rachel went with them and the whole Lescano family. They went for less than 24 hours.

My Lawyer, Gloria Allred, says we should ask for an undisclosed monetary settlement and an apology from Tiger Woods.

Random bunny sketches

I don't know- maybe because it is Easter.

Friday, March 19, 2010

My grand-nephew Zack is going to be in a soap-box derby, actually a push car derby by his house on Sunday.

I wish I got to do cool stuff like that when I was a kid- anyway I was inspired to do these two sketches.

1 is Zach burning down the hill, the other is me imagining that I get to go down the hill also.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

American Idol

I used to love American Idol. This year is beyond horrible and I bid farewell to my old friend.

You are telling me that they searched the whole country and these people are what they found?

I can not sing at all, but I did not try out for a SINGING contest.

I miss Paula Abduhl's random outbursts and pre rehab space outs.Simon has clearly checked out and why is Ellen sitting there?

Oh well...........................this will be my first and last sketches of American Idol

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

battle of the bulge

I am really busy with work now (Thank God) which means less time to exercise. It is getting harder to get back into exercising and I know I have to do it. I went for a run yesterday, with not great results.I hurt even before I finished the run.

I also went to the gym for a little work-out today. I was in the shower (which are just open) and across the way was a weird looking Asian man standing in the shower with trunks on and the water not turned on and he was there the whole time I was in the shower. Wow! Super creepy!

Gym goers beware(I decided not to draw a cartoon for this incident.

Jason Castro

My Daughter,Rachel, likes (stalker) Jason Castro who is the dread locked singer from American Idol from a couple of seasons ago, so we headed down south last week to go see his concert. We picked up Hannah on the way down and we were there really early so we went to the beach, had fish tacos and saw the most bums I have ever seen in one place.

We then went to Old World to walk around and I parked very far from the curb.

We then headed to the concert and there was no parking and we circled around the building a couple of times with no luck. On the third spin around the block I decided to park parallel to the curb in front of some construction site that was enclosed with chain-link and had a fire hose with pressure in the gutter. The street was tight so I was being very careful to get close to the curb- kablam. We were suddenly engulfed in water from a busted fire hose(not sure how it broke on it's own). We then left to find a parking place with less water.

We finally found a parking space and walked to the concert. I did not know who to call about the fire hose ( someone did call and they turned off the water) There was quite a bit of water flowing down the hill and right past the front of the Bar where the concert was. Rachel and Hannah found this quite humorous! I felt really bad and I had visions of the Universal Studios Tour where they stop at the bottom of the hill and a flash flood rushes down the street- it was not as big as that but I felt bad anyways.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

This is me.

Here are a few sketches about my youth. I actually never really tried out for any sport. I do remember not getting picked for anything in P.E. It would be down to me or the guy with the full body brace or the guy that had a metal halo bolted into his head-BOLTED INTO HIS HEAD. That is not a lie. I can not remember the guy's name, but he had the halo bolted into his head and he was still on the tennis team. I think he was also class president.

Go figure.